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I hear barking. I'd like something to do, but it's always the baby steps.

'Look at this big number, aunty! Shall I get more coffee?'

It is tea time, but I've already written the word coffee. You know how it's like with rules, don't you?

And here we go with the water again. Did you know that they have a variety of textures of bottle top? The advantage of this is that we can call one thing smoother than another, without talking about 'renewable material.'

Maybe I'll keep snacking: maybe I won't. Is bread made from 'renewable material'?

Is it not a snack?

See, when you allow things to be 'pegged,' and stuck 'there,' we land up with the situation that 'graphics' is on a see-saw with everything else. I'm not about to tell you to put games away: but if people you talk to are not willing to talk about some games being quite the opposite of good, then you may have found both a gamer and a game to avoid.

But keep it verbal! We're not a fan of the multiplication of Abrahamic religions.

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