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Mobes for Africa: this is the idea that imprinted itself during one attempt at recovering my presence of mind.

Godly, is not a term to be used on useful apps: we can therefore fold our arms, those of us who think comprehensibility is all in all. For the determination of usefulness amounts to asking someone if they're satisfied. And, generally speaking, that's what medication is for.

My presence of mind was taken from me by a meta-scientist relative of mine who didn't understand that making coding nice and easy is the same problem as making the management of data nice and easy.

Not folding my arms, the projects that come to mind will take no less than twenty years to come to fruition. Someone else pulled the plug on my last attempts.

Where am I going to be in ten years?

Some might interpret that as a statement of a desire to be associated with a circle of cloth. But a circle of cloth must be computer simulated: boys who learn to use a sewing machine tend to let go of comprehensibility, and knitting is associated with the making of garments and things that are not mere circles, of sizes very big and very small.

String can also be used to make a circle that fits round various parts of the body. Fortunately I can google, 'slip knot', and therefore have a bracelet that may be repurposed at any time.

The relative who was a meta-scientist referred to a center--verbally, so it might have been spelt otherwise--and sought to come to terms with something which some refer to as the universe. Some people don't like seeing their own behaviour in the shape of letters.

The folding of arms itself seems to be an endless struggle.

But I must be carried away into someone else's presence-of-mind problem, or I must fold my arms on trying to find a center in this home: which, in effect, is to gainsay what I said recently about coding challenges.

A Roman experimentor once criticized me for calling myself Roman-British, but that's the only way I can make myself comfortable in Suburbia. A Roman experimentor is one who grabs a one way mirror and finds that no-one else wants it.

I'm neither Quaker nor Half-Quaker, but my attempts at personalizing a home without thinking about a center first, were ill-advised. I can make lots of things with a piece of string, but I'm beginning to think I'm in a cat's cradle.

And I'm either wasting effort or time.

But before I look at the Russian immigration policy, let me go on with a story to keep myself from drifting away.

One last comment on the matter of new travel requirements: in the old days, Mom chose to innoculate me and told me to count to a hundred while she got the paperwork.