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Let's expand on that topic, because it comes up literally every day, and I was applauded for not letting the grass grow under my feet. And when I do get a bit of time I would rather put myself into making life difficult for snakes than travelling the world in order to try to bring the stomach to the present day.

While my attention is not such that I can do anything but recall this, that, and the next thing--which is really bad of me because it means I'm not facing today's problems--I have to try to work myself down from 'pristine.'

Because you really can't get good help, these days: unlike some, that has not been the least concern of mine. So now I need to look for a cause. And the 'mother,' which is to say, the family name, is in disagreement as to my having been given the right to know what pristine is, in the first place.

That said, I need to remember my methods: which at present is about taking a break before the final test, and trying not to start where we know we'll feel exhausted as soon as we're able to see the surface of a table.

But here. The present arrangement is Humbug.

Looking again at the plans I can but say, I didn't bite this off. Fitted carpets are an interim stage: but now, what are you going to do about something sensible that suits the modern worker for whom getting on the hands and knees is considered a favour?

Pushing things up and down sounds like fun, but that's a matter of where my thoughts get carried when 'full attention' is neither possible nor desirable.

Making a virtue of necessity, let me 'see what happens' when these thoughts are aired.

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