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Scratch! People don't like to talk to me when they can see it's no longer just talk.

I'll 'up and at 'em' just because that's a habit: something coming up the while, I'll add it to the agenda and we'll see if it gets discussed before 'lunch.'

A project has now been sketched out which can start with the perfect release. The question that is necessary to investigate until we are sufficiently satisfied of our course thereafter, is on the matter of 'archive formats.'

It is to be remembered that as storage sizes were increasing from megabytes to gigabytes, and public interest was demanding that a reduction be made so that the prefixes conform to what a megawatt or gigawatt is, compression was improving. Unix and GNU were quite easily distinguished by the extension used to signify the compression of an archive.

But the compression that had become defacto on the microcomputer was kept from us by a greedy entrepeneur.

The details I have not investigated. The licence, when that problem had been solved by the course of years, and by forgetfulness suggestive of a public that's just as drunk as the geniuses they hold up, has resulted in our perpetually adding 'non-free' to the list of 'apt' sources.

The monkeying around having been done by a group of the most intelligent, what a ratio is, as this pertains to what appears to be filling from left to right, is worth noting, for the sake of those looking for chronology.

Now my agenda item may be removed, for it was just a rant about actions speaking louder than words.

The avoidance of the archive everyone loves is much the same as anything that demonstrates our obsession with quality. My obsessions precluding that one, as a matter of bringing this to something like a call for lunch, I note that the individual compression of a hierarchy of files, which you may call a subtree if that's your obsession, but try not to see the forest, works against the efficiency of what's a compressor.

Which means the decision is a nice one, that it very much deserves to be called quite a nice one, and that it very much deserves to be called a matter of what you know when you need to know it.

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