Obligatory "ignore this space" : https://sacoronavirus.co.za

I'm not so hot on prophecy: too much of that seems to be about leaving me alone without a computer.

Adding something to a list I'll make a mental note to do it after this.

There was an aspect of 'illusion' that needed to be tested, because that had everything to do with my having to be alone in the first fucking place. Now I recall a story that seemed to be written with the tongue of Angels. That was about when we were supposed to get excited about the building of white elephants. So I look at the 'tongue of Angels,' there, and say, thus are the ones that don't turn 'A' on its head.

Or on its side? We're immersed in curves, motherfuckers.

Knowing that 'protection' in 'protected childhood' was about getting us to think before we acted, I find I've started a thing that goes nowhere. So I'll thank you for your probes: but the moon yet goes round and round saying 'pregnant,' just in case we forget.

And none of the probes contained data that could allow us to verify the belief in a Great Year.

Gyroscopic motion causing an orbit of the seasons themselves gets us building our own world: I'm not good at it at all.

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