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Perhaps the most annoying thing (which we say because we are perhaps no less annoyed than any time we're more annoyed to think of anything else annoying) is to have to do something over that we did the first time for love.

A labour of love is tricky to describe. For a bachelor, that is. Especially when somewhere in our career we couldn't help feeling we had sold ourselves to an easy income (which might get us looking at the word spell).

Little mistakes (as an example, starting a document with the first person plural with no justification whatsoever) can amount to suicide on our better feelings.

The fact that we're involved in a pandemic in which the use of tools no-one understands is itself one of the greatest factors, has been the greatest gift to me; for I found what I've been missing.

Mathematics is called the queen of the sciences because it allows the use of the royal plural with no justification whatsoever, which I state as an undeniable fact to anyone who knows what proof is, because I take particular care with my grammar.

I've always been told I'd make a good father, but irksome details like these (not to mention the irksome detail of not being able to become one without a mother presenting herself to me before or after the fact of her becoming one) I've always struggled to get anyone to accept.

People who are now parents, for example. Parental figures who, I understand, are worried that the education of their children is being taken out of their hands.

A parent probably starts by looking at the reaction to a lesson their child receives; if they think the lesson was only to provoke a reaction, they might start thinking that mathematicians are on the side of the enemy.

Which is why I don't recommend parents give killtheworld a smut rating.

Having some experience of how a child or an adult might pick apart authority, I do know that such a figure of authority can find itself at a loss when it sees that its subordinates have a competing figure of authority who seems to be a step ahead.

Information Aids

Coincidences abound in nature. Octaves are double or half the frequency of their neighbours, for example; four plus three is seven and four times three is twelve, as another. Some might refer to the rule of three, but I let that rest as a matter of the coincidence of the use of ten digits; how we count our appendages is a personal matter.

I say this primarily for the benefit of those who know me. They at least know that I am not making vain threats that without my parents being able to reach me without the technology that is my persecution, none will hear from me again.

I learnt the hard lesson that one should not look on one's friends' sisters with interest. Friends talk about the difficulty they have with girls who don't seem to have their feet on the ground. A girl with her feet on the ground knows that, do what she will, if a mother she must be, a mother she will be.

We were given the useful information, long after we forgot to be sensible about how we behave around blondes or brunettes, that if a woman chooses to be a mother, little can stop her.

Some find themselves in a double barrier. Take it from me: it's not very pleasant. On the other hand some of us are too puritannical, and yet await our reward for succeeding in overcoming that which overcame us.

Jiffies were certainly part of our schooling. But they're also units of time, which others prefer not to think about. The words, love life, appearing as a banner on the schoolgrounds hereabouts I certainly came to wish I was on another planet. Certainly girls and boys get their enjoyment in different ways.

What this means to apes is pretty much contradictory to what it means to people; the implication is that I live amongst a population of apes.

Brothels are to be regretted, as much as those who don't know the difference between a Christian soldier and a non-Christian one.

There's nothing worse than losing all contact with your friends and then finding that the causes come down to plastic waste.

And the inspiration for this fuckup divorce themselves.

Marriage is going through a one-way mirror; divorce is going through two. I went from walking to roller-skating and cycling; and then I got on a motorbike. Somewhere in between I did some roller-blading and skate-boarding, but it came down to technology being a matter of teaching the facts of life to apes.

Going from a bicycle to a motorbike is the same as going through a one-way mirror.

Before I got on a motorbike, I had gone through all the crap about bicycle helmets. I sensed that there was rank duplicity involved; had I known the meaning in those days, and had I been as I am now, I'd likely have ended in prison for killing various aunties and uncles.

I'm sorry I didn't kill your dad before he had to die a slow and painful death.

In other words, if anyone talks to me about the Devil, they can shove a bicycle helmet up their arse.