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Protestant Christianity amounts to little islands of opinions. Just about every little island asserts that its isolation has to do with the separation of church and state. Many islanders, I gather, prefer to look at Revelations than the historic records on the matter of this separation. It hardly seems to be worth having a revival of the term non-conformism: it's understood what Protestants agree on; thus they, too, define themselves by negation.

Repudiating absolution has its merits. Absolution, however, had the side-effect of regulating one of the side-effects of money itself. Thus we come to a piece of history that Protestants seem to have over-invested in: assuming a population not too fearful of divine retribution, which was capable of circulating the funds for penances, a sum of money might have found its way to the seat of the church that in gold would have threatened the foundations. With new building-works in progress, a man might have bought himself fame by publishing his opinion that the public willingly paying their penalty proved that they were fearful of divine retribution, and therefore being preyed upon: and behold the new building-works!

If his popularity spread far enough, it may so be that he would then have been given a Protestant Indulgence amounting to that of forgetting the sums of money he had paid in his own turn, and setting up a Church of Remembrance in his name showing only a lonely exiled man.

On the other hand, the head of the church might indeed have been living as the Roman Emperors of old. Members of the organization like to see the word celibate. The organization is a brotherhood of privacy, or to use a less popular word, secrecy.

The islanders do seem to occasionally have get-togethers: permissiveness seems to be a gift of a description formulated at one of these, for the same-old same-old, but in the context of equal rights.

The most permissive Non-Protestant likes to imagine Celibate Men doing naughty things like looking at pictures of women to lust after them. Though nothing has changed in the Brotherhood of Man in the way of self-absolution.

I hear the islanders do build bridges. But I also hear that some islands have rules of privacy themselves.

No organization of secrecy is without a head.

But some cliques are so tight that none would dare look away from a face in search of a ringleader.