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I'm either going to stand, worrying about the future of keeping my toes warm, and lead myself on to the action that preserves what can be rent by what's a feature of ourselves we don't know what to think about--you can try all you like to make them pretty, but you'll only come to criticizing all my habits that show a carelessness of appearance--or I'll 'make shift' with what isn't quite as nice and warm until I 'get around to it.'

Getting around to stating what I thought might just be a little lazy, I find I've committed to not sitting. I find there's too much to reflect; it may also be that, lacking acknowledgments, I start to wonder if I'm syn-flooding the world.

That flood is something you are likely to have heard of, but it became somewhat obsolete when 'a maker of a Kernel' and the collaborators that didn't persistently show him things that were not perfect so as to say, 'this isn't perfect,' found a way to solve the problem practically.

But don't let me take you away from your precious brand names. Things do happen simultaneously.

I had to earn the right to look at a silver tea-tray. This going unacknowledged, I started to look at what I might do that would allow me to boast to myself on the matter of efficiency. The Sinecure can't be dispensed with, on that matter, so let me thoroughly explain my rationale, and we may both walk, therefore, to the same conclusion.

In a job as described, there will be things we may do with our self-made tools, which we will consider to be better than what was previously doing the job. The reason we consider it better is on the matter of our knowledge of what we're using. That would be explaining the Config that some might have considered unnecessary: after reaching what allowed for a simple alternative that could be edited 'directly,' the original (replacement) became something to keep around while we looked at bringing the important matters of Config to the eyes of those who were responsible.

If you understand what 'atomicity of updates' means you'll also know that where 'a plain text editor' seems not to care, this is just a case of being more thorough than anyone who isn't a self-taught programmer. Also, Config needs to be written to, which is where we yet don't have a suggestion on the matter of what's plain text: mostly this has to do with comments.

That might show you that 'a Kernel developer' really doesn't mind if you edit the config 'by hand.'

That should give a pointing hand to all except for whom I started rabbiting on about Config for.

The next matter that comes to mind is what takes me back, literally, to headaches that were simultaneous with puberty. So the 'having something efficient' may be seen as a self-call.

It's a habit of those who have someone to see to their stomachs to give challenges to those who don't. This is what inevitably comes with the acknowledgment of superiority of intellect. From then, or thereabouts, I got into the habit of saying, 'that should be possible' - but the 'should' gets mocked until we're quite sure we're looking at something that's hoping we can save their soul.

So I'm going to save this, using what seems to suggest that temporary-files aught to be avoided until we have what does away with /tmp altogether. That done, let me edit it, with the same text editor, but proofing at a screen that's a few steps away.

And I'll let you think about the communication that must happen between the two roles.

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