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Remembering that we have those who speak of the good old days, as if things started going in the other direction from quality, we aught to look at what's a conversation starter.

This, in fact, relies on some source of Entropy.

Random number sequences are called 'good enough,' but there are volumes written on the matter of them being quite the opposite. Entropy means we are bringing in what is unpredictable. The only thing we need to know is that it is sufficiently unpredictable. As this is used in conjunction with a random number generator, it is not the case that the (randomness of the) input equates to the (see before) output.

I know I'm labouring what 'everyone knows,' but when I do 'have the floor,' I like to make sure that those around me do not work together to bring the topic to something quite else. There were those who insisted that the old 'ring' networks were the only reliable ones. This went on year upon year, and then they brought a 'new' ethernet standard.

The only thing is, no-one could explain how it differed from what I have just described.

And the other thing--which shows you how badly I plan--is that if we stop people to tell them that there's much fuss being made over giving old things new names, they'll nod their heads in agreement. So if we've got any plans at all, we don't.

The 'cat' attracts those who like cute names. I don't mind cute names: but we learn what we can't live down. Not descending from here will take some doing. Let me then pass the Conch, as a token, and remind boys what blame is about.

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