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If we believe in the permanence of marriage, it would be well for someone else's wife to allow us to forget about them.

My musical tastes were just about cast in stone round about the first year out of school; some music we listen to brings us helplessly to a place and time.

I used to discuss with one of my sisters about using music to change our moods. Everything I choose to listen to invokes thoughts, so that I cannot work with background music.

One of the first women I had tried to strike up a friendship with after school--keeping all the options open--was flatly uninterested in talking about music. Some would call her a product of society: people I associate with her would have corrected me by drawing a diagram to explain what she was actually a product of. When a person's every response to a conversation about societal problems is to describe what they did the last time they were at a night club, it might lead us to talk amongst our friends about the whether taking turns with that which belongs to us is on the cards.

Some friends told us that if sex is a pain in the arse you're doing it the wrong way.

The usual response to such a statement is, 'how would you know?'

I had kept Mom's simplistic views as being something to consider, but it seemed that there was little sense in thinking about marriage before having our own bit of fun when the probabilities of our meeting someone who hadn't had a deal of fun were so slim honest bookies wouldn't allow us to place bets on it.

And then I imagined I had.

If a boy doesn't have any experience we cannot know his sexuality. The same can be said about Jesus. There are those who say that the New Testament is weighted in favour of St Paul's opinions. We have to assume that homosexuality came about between the time of the Ten commandments and the fall of Israel to Rome.

To those who do have their logical faculties I needn't say any more; I ask those who do not to stick to the song-sheet.