I notice skin colour. I feel quite confident to conclude that people with a different skin colour to mine have a different experience of colour itself. But, as the schoolboy in Harry Chapin's song said, "there are so many colours in the rainbow, so many colours in the morning sun! So many colours in a flower, and i paint every one!"

To which his teacher replies: "Flowers are red; and green leaves are green! There's no point in painting them any other way, than the way they always have been seen!"

In other words, in the slighter shades we're pretty much unique. If race is only skin colour, then race doesn't exist. If race doesn't exist, then human beings are deranged, in light of recent events.

If light skinned people joined dark skinned people to say "people with dark skins must be respected", who are they saying it to? People who have other things to do with their time than stand around saying things to no-one at all?

The one (and so far, only one) thing i can say for light skinned South Africans is that they've forgotten how to get into the mob spirit.

Enough of this skin colour nonsense. People like Harry Chapin's schoolboy, just quoted, wanted to call this the Rainbow Nation. We have all the branches of human civilization here. But we've had none of the peace that a Rainbow is supposed to represent. The hatred between some Europeans and some (original) Africans is only surpassed by the hatred found between some people with a differing European descent.

However, as far as being familiar with racial tension, we South Africans can look down on just about every other country of the world.

Romeo and Juliet is about racial tension. Not that alone; but that is the remarkable thing about some works of art: in the different pictures that are seen with differing effects of light and dark.

A fortune-cookie for you: You love your home and want it to be beautiful.