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'If I do that I think it'll be a matter of being an insensitive prick.'

But the 'fine toothed comb' is rather more a weapon when what's ideal must be ignored simply because that's the way the cookie crumbles. So I have to ask myself if touching is something to 'just make work.'

It's the 'or not' in this case that's the obstacle. If I don't do it I'll have to I'll have to let my thoughts wander, which happens before I've allowed it, and then I'm thinking about bicycles, the railway line--which we aught to have called a track, but there was only one line--and then, out of the blue, the assurance I've received that it's better to be living alone.

In that case I'll have to stop, now. It may be the case, but there's no getting respect for it, in business.

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