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Somebody once told me a story I thought everybody knew about. Nobody said to anybody that somebody had made it up, but everybody asked anybody who was somebody to tell them that nobody had.

Some people are too clever for their own good. Plagiarism is something a gentleman does not do. If somebody can tell me anybody aught to be one for the sake of a lady, the preceding may be discovered to have been a genuine article of production by a brother and sister.

Some people, who are too clever for words, get an unfortunate clue, which nothing can prevent, that keeping one's true intelligence from one's own mother is advantageous. Nothing can prevent this clue being received but a close-knit culture.

Working in Randburg I got to watch the ember of my culture in its last glow, and then witness the snuffage.

Snuffing of candles was very much part of the English culture. It certainly doesn't mean the putting of them out; which self-willed confusion by educated Englishmen is simply another thing to wonder at. The advent of electric lighting is coincidental with English losing its meaning of culture. I do have evidence that this is purely coincidental, but at present I'll let Just Coincidence and Merely Coincidence continue their tea-party with Scientific Coincidence and tell Pure Coincidence to look at a smiling cheshire cat.

I feel it my duty to my culture to look up the word snuffage. But I would refer to a book and not the internet to do so: that is, a culture of one is not a culture. I have been claiming a mathematician has a right to use English exactly as he pleases, which is the only way one can teach, but I instead point out the obvious fact, coincidental with the obvious one just presented about the order of a set in relation to the word culture, that being exemplary in isolation is only asking for mockery.

The examples I follow are written in plain English, in countless books, which became difficult to access because certain English words, such as Kaffir, became more obscene than a film depicting interracial intercourse shown to children in order to break down their melanin prejudices.

And then it came about that I was being told by darkies that lighter is better.

People who call themselves black are taking permission to use English as a language and not a culture. People give themselves permission to be permissive on the assumption that permissiveness brings about the end of the world. In other words, the final reckoning for their behaviour won't happen in their lifetime.

Justice is two-faced.

The state came about from the church, but statesmen are ever pleased to rewrite history such that the church never existed. Why it pleases them to do so needn't be detailed to people who have decided to stop hiding their intelligence.

The church spells out in no uncertain times how many times we are to forgive our brother. Again I refer intelligent people to give themselves permission to answer how this relates to those who keep accurate records, in contrast to those, such as myself, who don't.

Looking at the word naughty and some unfinished thoughts like tobacco that can't be smoked because it is its own filter, I flick this one into the road that's connected to the information superhighway, before anyone else comes to hear from me what I think about receptacles for things which degrade in a matter of days when flicked into the road.

Because then I'll light up another one and imagine a city of chain smokers with no ash trays.