Opinions are personal, and facts are impersonal. If a fact could be personal, it could not be written down. If a fact is dependent on personal experience, writing itself is a waste of time. If not, we conclude that opinions are more important than facts. Statements of fact seldom come without opinion; this might be why we can't help sharing news.

It aught to be obvious that there is no such thing as a scientific opinion: this is my scientific opinion.

Calling something a scientific fact suggests that you are not willing to argue it; and such a thing is, in fact, a belief.

I do not intend to prove anything to strangers, but I can probably prove that i'm stranger than you. Ain't that strange?

Go and make yourself a batch of crunchies before proceeding.


We all have our opinions on cultural institutions. Firstly, on marriage, whether we are seeking it or seeking to avoid it. Women in the Workplace is now an institution, too.

How we see others not of our kind, is the institute of race.

Useful opinions

Netiquette 2021 (how not to wish for the end of the Internet); version control is a key skill.


Colour (RGBK), individuality, secular prophets, time, time zones, equality, and the former thought tracks.

A fortune-cookie for you: "The Right Honorable Gentleman is indebted to his memory for his jests and to his imagination for his facts." -- Sheridan