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The Ultimate Fairytale : A short history of Greece, Rome, Israel, England, France, and Germany.

Opinions are personal. We needed to state that. An example of a personal fact is an item in a shopping list.

We have called upon NASA, ESA and RuSA (but not RSA); we have called upon the WEF and the WTF; upon the WHO, the WHY, the WHEREFORE and the HOW; Bill Gates, Steve Wozniak, Larry Ellison, and Larry Page; the Greatest Briton Alive (Alan Turing--he faked his own death after learning the secrets of Alchemy); and finally the person we think is deeper than all others, Dad; we have called upon all these to give us an example of a personal fact that can be of any more use to a single soul other than the person to whom it belongs, than an item on a shopping list, and thus far we are not hearing crickets because it is very cold in winter, down here in Florida Park, South Africa.

Our opinion is that you, dear readers, aught to make sure to keep your fingers and toes warm, and with all the spraying going on, make sure to dry carefully between the fingers.

Our experience with facts, even those on our shopping list, causes us to form an opinion of them. Take eggs, for example: without experience with sausages they won't know a Kosher breakfast from just a run-of-the-mill witchell breakfast.

Once they do the cows and the pigs must arrange themselves on the grand-stand behind the vegetable garden, and watch and learn while eggs talk to chickens about pork and beef and tomatoes.

And a little bit of salt. Don't forget the salt. It's just as important as Tea-Poison.

But now we find we are sharing our opinion without prefacing everything we say with IMO. Which, imo, is obvious.

If we cannot be intimate in plain clothes you and I will never be initimate in any way.

For, intimacy leads us naturally to secrecy; a kind of secrecy that does not need anything to be written down.

Which love cannot exist without.

With a bitch or two on my mind, the memory of another, we think to ourselves, let's take a shortcut this time. Are you up for it, my girls?

We doubt our readers are distracted by people who suggest their opinions are something other than an opinion by adding an adjective unsuited to the noun: scientific.

And we hardly doubt that everyone knows exactly why and when they call a fact a scientific one.

We bring ourselves to an abrupt halt (this is South Africa and crossing the road is something we become rather proud of our skills at doing safely). Looking at the reflection of a memory, we think that we just need to give them a name: Jesus of Nazareth!

Thence, forgiveness. Not this robot. This robot has blunt instruments and sharp tools, of all sorts. And waits impatiently for the next project that comes his way.

Our projects start in the miscellaneous category.

Mi: Sentimental Floss Dross, Gecos Becos, Shipyard, Anti-Shipyard, 2πi, Complex Numbers, Gods, Gnu-Brian, OCD, Toys, Light, Modder vir Engels, Moron, Helicopters, Plastic, Matrix, Centre, (2^2), Box, Letter to Bill Gates 1.1ß, POME, Google, Where, Time Zones, and The Beginning Itself.

Institutions: An institution is something we accept has existence, and is something that we find that we must be ready to discuss. We start with the institution of doing away with institutions, socialism; follow it by its complement, capitalism; and we end with anarchy.

The list we place in alphabetical order: AGW, Afrikaans, America, Apartheid, Black, Catholic Baptist Churches, China, Cryptocurrency, Florida Park, Gender, Identity, Land, Optimism, Pyramids, Race, Rape, Sex, Technology, Viruses, White, and The Www.

Pause: In your coffee, sugar!?

Recipes: Dirty Witch!, Crunch Cookies, Buttermilk Rusks, Yoghurt Cake, Witchell Breakfast.

Programming: Bash, Witch 0,88, Ergonomics, Invalid Command, Gnu, Hacker, Uncapped, Stack_Overflow, PS, CGI, Compatibility, Cloud, Permissions, RDBMS's, CSS, Cookies, Scripting Languages, The Linux Desktop, String Theory, IPv4, UTM, Version Control, Equality, Piracy, GUI, Colours, Filesystems, HTML, and Fortune Cookies.

Stories-dot-dat: Joan of Arc (0,4), Hillcrest (0,9), Magic (1,0), Canada (0,7), South Africa, Suid Afrika -1.9, Saxon!, Fire, Mirror, and Norman-the-Conqueror.

Reviews: Uncle Jim's.

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