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The Ultimate Fairytale : A short history of Greece, Rome, Israel, England, France, and Germany.

Opinions are personal, and facts are impersonal. Were a fact to be personal, it would appear like someone else's shopping list, were it written down. Our experiences of facts are more important than them, and these are indiscernible from opinion. We share our experiences of facts with those with whom we are intimitate. Secrecy is therefore sacred.

In digesting a fact, we almost inevitably form an opinion. This might give insight into how the news machine works.

It aught to be obvious that there is no such thing as a scientific opinion. I do not like stating the obvious: you may consider it my opinion.

Decorating a fact with the prefix, scientific-, suggests that you are not going to argue.

I love a good argument, but not on the internet.

Until we meet, therefore, consider all of the following my opinions.

Miscellaneous: Magic, 2πi, Complex Numbers, Gods, OCD, Toys, Moron, Helicopters, Ideas, Matrix, Centre, Kiss Cookies, Letter to Bill Gates, Yoghurt Cake, Backup Lib, Buttermilk Rusks, Where, Time Zones, and The Beginning Itself.

Institutions: An institution is something we accept has existence, and is something that we find that we must be ready to discuss. We start with the institution of doing away with institutions, socialism; follow it by its complement, capitalism; and we end with anarchy.

The list we place in alphabetical order: AGW, America, Apartheid, Black, China, Cryptocurrency, Gender, Identity, Land, Optimism, Pyramids, Race, Sex, Technology, Viruses, White, Witches, and The Www.

Programming: PS, CGI, Compatibility, Cafe, Winsock, Cloud, Permissions, RDBMS's, CSS, Cookies, Scripting Languages, The Linux Desktop, String Theory, IPv4, UTM, Version Control, Equality, Piracy, GUI, Colours, Filesystems, HTML, and Fortune Cookies.

Histories and Stories in Snippets: Joan of Arc (0,4), Hillcrest (0,4), Canada (0,3), South Africa, Sorry, Fire, Mirror.

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