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printf("Why don't you emigrate, Brian?");

This has been the first suggestion in terms of my having an independence, since I qualified.

A happily married man with intelligence could spend his life making furniture with hand tools: that my first step in becoming independent was to go to a country without thought of employment, when I had already discussed with the suggestive people that mass-production has only been able to drive out the hand-crafted and the small factories on account of a total lack of interest in quality craftsmanship, meant that I had to say to such people, my dear, what in God's name am I supposed to do for a living when I'm there?

A happily married man may also spend his life in a suit and tie, in meetings which seem to go nowhere.

He might be, after some years, led on to believe that there's a better opportunity for himself elsewhere. If this was by people who he himself had taught not to lead men on, the machine crashes.

RTP: "code label not reached";

If a user interface's syscall fails can we do anything but exit without warning?

Surely if we were going to dispense with a gui communication protocol (which might be used over unreliable networks) for the apps which are New Technology (that is, they do not start with a standard input and output file descriptor), we would ensure that such syscalls are designed so as not to fail?

Surely we couldn't have been asked to believe that when the nt-gui protocol (called gdi) was made available to use over unreliable networks (called remote desktop protocol) that it had been developed by an independent company?

Doesn't it just fucking beggar belief that the people who parroted this information squaked about official recommendations?

Multitasking has many meanings: one of them is a frightful way of doing nothing at all. It's all very well to make yourself a peanut butter sandwich to go with your tea while you're typing up a webdoc which you're working on while programming (we had to get another slice of bread or we couldn't have called it a sandwich), but if you give yourself multiple projects you start to think that one of them might provide a shortcut to the completion of the other.

My contradictory assertions show me that I'm not quite keeping my head above water. Some people don't seem to be too concerned about the difference between first and second hand experience. Second hand experience of being on the Moon can, for example, be had by reading a science fiction book. There was a time while struggling with the confusion of a language which is called English, that going to the Moon was sold as something a bachelor with a will could do alone. Even slightly pessimistic prognosticators encouraged us to believe that orbital flight would be within reach of those who could save up a few pennies, before I turned forty. Those who are aware of this need to hear that we learnt to adjust our expectations.

No less suddenly did I comprehend where programmers fit in the workosphere. My prognostications therefore being a serious personal matter, I prefer to excuse myself from treating technological progress itself as discussion material. The original ending of this webdoc demonstrates my ignorance of my deeper feelings, stapling myself to a country, as I have been doing, with a quality staple gun made while rockets were still landing on the Moon, simply because I don't expect to find a culture any more compatible with mine in another.

In other words, stating that I refuse to consider emigration is behaving like an abused husband.