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It's a real problem when you find yourself a new love. If we've been accustomed to programming we might describe the process of resolving a literal problem as debugging sentences. Literal coding is therefore the process of putting bugs into sentences. Before I give myself the challenge of making a literal virus, I must confess I'm making use of a literal feature to add literal features, which mode of composition I cannot call novel, and hesitate to call it literally novel, certainly does involve making the use of the kind of communication which makes it difficult for an author to give credit.

Literal coders, however, who used to be called web-loggers, don't try to prove something with this communication; for literal artists, who are those that know by intuition what art is, I assume grew up amongst people that seemed liked animals to them.

If you want to know the story of Cain and Abel, imagine a real artist with a real mathematician.

Instead I'll pick an imaginary number out of a hat, and give it to a real observer of people. Naturally, we think of e.

But that's not imaginary.

We might add an i by multiplying it, but do we left-multiply or right-multiply?

But besides getting people to stare at letters, we've got real problems to deal with, which we'd rather not pay someone else to do just so that we can stare.

A person I insist on calling a literal artist, insists right back at me that the very thing about art is that it must be literally contemporary.

I like to show off my version control skills, for I consider them to be literally contemporary, but mainly I've had to gainsay my former insistence that each website be its own archive. But that was only a reaction to the fact that I hadn't been able to discuss the real problems that come from having to keep everything. And to the fact that there seemed to be an unwritten instruction that this is what was wanted.

I'm therefore peddling my continuity skills, but first off I must tell you my fee for the matter of the discussion of the cost of a sense of humour per hour.

Before then I need to pick a currency.

As I sense that doing so would imply a final destination for myself, my interim choice is Rubles.

But we see that the problem is an inductive one, and I intend to make use of a generating function to put people off the idea of keeping our sense of mirth out of the picture. Decimalization gives us a clue: thus we start at ten Rubles per hour. The discussion is about the charge per hour for a sense of mirth. Any mention that we are discussing discussions multiplies the hourly rate by ten.

We then must think about the measurement of time: it is assumed that time is Real. An athlete knows the real value of real time: the more divisions the better; businessmen tend to prefer hourglasses, and pour the excess sand into the pockets of their clients.

I prefer to think of a baby getting its meal. The bottle will be generously designed. As babies are want to be creatures that are either eating or sleeping, though I don't like to call a potential client a baby, they must know that every bottle that they order must be paid for; waking up to a stack of bottles will leave them the choice of either denying everything or forking out.

What some people won't call art!

All toys are educational; if not obvious why I say so now, the reader is left with an exercise.

An eccentric artist, who only saw the difference between Roman Catholicism and Protestantism in that the justification of sin in the latter comes with benefits, might declare Christianity corrupt at the roots and begin to contemplate Judaism.

But my grandfather gave me very valuable bible lessons which ensured I didn't get creative on the matter of what is obviously shared between Christianity and Judaism.

It is obvious that systematic absolution has been necessary, but this is where the religion is most likely to be corrupted. To suggest that the Anglican church has been one which gave no second chances to the clergy, from the time of William of Orange, to some time in the twentieth century, is likely to invite flat contradiction, so I won't.

Nonconformists, it seems, started off the most puritannical, but ended up, we gather, the most creative in how they read the bible. This may simply be on account of their being the ones that have always been the most distant from the matters of state which the church formerly was responsible for. As an example of the kind of nonconformists I am familiar with, besides those that assign a score to our relationship with God, and others who must be excluded from the list of examples for they refuse to conform to the word nonconformist, there are those who dodge potholes while reading Revelations, judge matters of state from guidelines laid down for people who weren't at all sure what was on the other side of the ocean, and above all else tell us that absolution is totally unnecessary because forgiveness is all we need.

I have at times tried to exit religion altogether, but like with most things our mothers induct us into, we look again at the word exit, and remember people for whom this was a matter of will.

At other times I have tried to comprehend where traditions not specified in the bible come from, such as the celebrating of birthdays. But by the time I came to giving religion serious contemplation, I no longer wanted birthday presents: I knew I wasn't ever going to be able to verify the whether the calendar tracks any planet at all.

In a rare instance of foresight, which is wholly attributable to my parents, I had come to know at about the age of eighteen that birthday presents could only serve to remind me how a boy grows in his tastes and desires, and that from that age onwards I would be wondering how I could get myself into a position such that by conscious decision I might add to the birthday calendars of others.

It took my accepting of admiration as love to be able to finally recall why I had had to forget circumstances involving foresight. Having to hear, for instance, that a wife has special powers by which she will overrule her husband's decision about the matter of having children, I could hardly stick my hand up and tell the teacher how much of a good boy I've been.

Succumbing to those who tell us to get real, I stopped believing I was two lives in one. It's a little difficult when you're being told to find someone with whom to contemplate the word unite as something going along with an action word of action words. Attempting to exit the mirror maze amounting to nothing more than focusing on the entrance, where stands a boy, in this case I find substitution the only real alternative.

Real numbers are described as our intuitive understanding of quantity. But this description, no less than the Axioms which allow us to give our intuition a rest, serves only as a beginning (the single most important practise, for Real theory, is that of substitution).