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Before I dive into 'short term memory,' I need to note a photo that was 'returned' to me and say, 'thanks, but that isn't me.'

I don't know how the set got poisoned, but I do know that a lot of poisoning has been going on.

So I'll have to dissect this one: we start with the matter of eating such that the cheeks distend. Now, I would think a mother would notice that kind of small detail. The hair being properly attended to brought my recollection to a stand-still: I do know that hairdressers leered at me until I couldn't take it any more; and that reminds me of a friend who 'just didn't.'

But if we're going to talk about friends, we need to start with equality.

If we have a good number of friends we might wake up in the morning and ask ourselves which friend we feel like seeing, today: the photo was supposed to remind me of that time of my life.

So what do I do?

A baby in the scene who was being ignored as if the adult in the scene shared my predelictions on the matter of entertaining or being entertained by a baby, does get me to ask, 'whose?'

But that's just it: they haven't invented a maternity test, and they keep telling us that that's 'celestial knowledge.'

Your intution sucks.

Now listen to your mother who got insulted by every fucking bitch I've had to work with, thus far.

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