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A depth-first tree search was first known to us as filesystem recursion; assume, for the sake of the argument, that 'depth-first' is there to give us a reason to extend the discussion endlessly. The filesystem routines in question may be written using subroutine recursion, but revelling in subroutine recursion gets us to wonder if we're losing our marbles in the most efficient manner: our struggle is to be less efficient.

Looking at a screen, I must look at what I thought in times gone by. Before the introduction of the seemingly endless toy story saga, adverts were being made by the same process. At the time this seemed pretty nifty; but one particular advert had to do with house-cleaning: by extension we imagine a house that is a database.

Databases don't gather dust, and dirt is just an effect to make things look authentic. The owner of a database is like the owner of a house full of odds and ends. In other words, relational databases are a silver bullet.

The result is that we continue to use them while we try to figure out what the fuck a silver bullet is.