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Ignorance is bliss: bring on the bliss! Personality is something of an act. If perfection we seek it can bite us where it hurts. Hope springs eternal: they say that tolerances have improved in the manufacture of engines, but this means that the modern car aught to last a thousand years. Not having children, we don't have to worry about what happens to those who would lose their jobs if people stopped buying new cars: it is then somebody else's problem that isn't an SEP-Field.

Keeping our eye on the ball.

The creating of uncertainty can also be a matter of keeping people employed; the requirement of fine motor control puts the game out of reach of those beyond retirement age. Thus we look at schemes that were not just good intentions--in fact, vast sums have been spent to date on them. Schemes we can't fault except that they exclude us. I like to be inclusive, so I'll leave it here, and ask for it to be taken on trust that I'm not squirting ink.

The Reset of necessity has a double meaning: it's necessary because we can't expect to start with perfection.