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I once walked back to a flat I had considered my own and thought with bitterness how it was I couldn't reclaim it, for the feelings that had driven me away had been resolved. But the feelings with which I had left it were as of being told I must fix a broken computer, with the equipment I owned, or live alone until I die.

Sometimes I feel lonely: this isn't the time to think about being exemplary.

A crawling weed once made me look at my life.

"I still want paths, don't I?"

I had given the gruff response to someone who boasted about multitasking, that some of us are given the task of applying our minds. This gave me a task itself because, at least in those days, users commented on the behaviour of computers as of the behaviour of a child.

My first resume, or cv, I made using an app which had no GNU equivalent. 'Seeing is believing,' they said, 'and we don't want to see code: what we want to see on the screen is what we get when we print.'

'I'm sure its just a case of not being able to find a routine in amongst hundreds of thousands,' he said, before he realized his business was based on the idea of replacing these tools with sensible ones, without inconveniencing anyone; these facts make it awkward for me to make a nice looking cv or resume. But the crux of any cv is to be able to introduce your old employer to your new one. I'm sure any employer will know that when a solo sysadmin decides to bolt the door, no-one is going to be thinking well of him.

It was good experience multitasking a programming job with a sysadmin job, but sysadmin-programmer seems like it has no less than ten too few syllables (also I'm not particularly keen on calling a job an integrating one, and if we talk about continuity I'm going to try to find a discontinuity for the sake of demonstration).