Obligatory "ignore this space" : https://sacoronavirus.co.za

Now we're looking at what many must deal with, which amounted to a birthday present I gave myself.

The sending of passwords 'in the clear' gets us to say, 'those South African businesses, and their backwards ways!'

We can find ourselves quite lost when the tools we're using aren't good enough for the job any more. But we found the 'forwards' ways of others showing a desire to entrench a prototype, which way of thinking would mean we had 'done our job' at the age of eighteen.

I can't say I'm stoked about 'a mail access protocol,' but I think I might need to ask a little sea creature to climb back into a big thing that makes it feel like home. If 'new version of the same thing' didn't entice anyone in the first instance, what are we now to do?

The protocol referred to is overdone. But everything else would have to do everything it does, anyway. Knowing enough to get a list of a mail folder, we know enough to make yet another tool that might be useful for diagnostics. But this brings us to questions of objects that are daemons.

And, you know, I'd rather not think about that without something in front of me that I know everything about.

Am I capable? Who knows! Who the fuck cares!?

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