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Of course, you can always get yourself a kite, but there's something missing on the matter of 'effortless.'

I retracted a 'shin' from that word simply because it seemed to be like a third leg.

On the matter of talking delicately about what's simply what one man may choose to do, little beats what was written before the French Revolution. Some of the books I didn't know the existence of until I followed up references within others. And so we return to a book that people keep talking about, which only omits the history of the Greeks and the Romans.

And we return to the word, Abrahamic.

And now I need to think about a way of noting that a 'release' has been built with what's marked as unverifiable.

Starting to think that someone is twisting their panties, I only need to mention that some held onto their 'rad' tools while making feints about requiring us to nurse a fully replicable relational database.

I hope you don't mind: it's your fucking problem to find the words to get yourself out of your own twisted fuckup.

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