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I try to ensure that I see no experience as one that I cannot profit from. Resorting to the condition, that seemed a hopeless one, that GPL software represents the only progress that we may look at in terms of technological development within software, I recall that in this condition I was very boring to talk to, as bringing all talk about new technology to this fact; and am at some risk of joining hands with people who believe that we need to perfect the operating system with character matrix apps before we are allowed to reach for a mouse.

Microsoft was called a bully by those who believed in fair competition. But on further consideration, those who call crying babies, cry-babies, cannot be bricked in by a term which houses thugs who take our lunch money (as an aside, those who determine to do nothing but work their influence must admit to themselves at least that their radiance is intended to pervade brick walls). By letting go of the requirements that the sharing of the recipe for the sauce implies, Microsoft made GNU programmers feel that they'd need to get involved in that sticky business of bringing about future generations to bring their baby to the stage that it could but walk without support, while that which was called its competition was looking at the word metamorphosis with new eyes.

It helps to know why big boys don't cry.

As a young man who thought that Mom's use of the term, young man, was affected, I shed few tears when the family dog died (as I was the only one who walked her, I did have a sense of proprietorship). My practical nature meant that though she was yet in the prime of her life her sudden death did not disturb me; no more troubled was I when I chose to put my tom-cat down because I deemed the remedy too costly, as being for a problem which was recurring.

The thought of Leroy leads me back to a time I was trying to work out my feelings by making music. But it was hopeless. I could play the piano a little, but my handling of a guitar was such that it just annoyed everyone when I tried.

Playing of scales is just as important on a guitar, but in those days the playing of scales on a guitar was reserved for Don Pedro and other Spaniards.

Don Juan, of course, only needed to hold a guitar; being able to play a few bar chords might have won him a few more hearts, but we really had by that time totally lost count.

We've got stars directing our fates.

I'd like to say, be not unequally yoked with those with conflicting musical tastes, but instead I made use of a gift of amplified speakers to let my colleagues know what I thought of theirs.

On the other hand, someone else got my rice crispy treat.

Simply for the sake of getting the luxuries of life, like a roof over their heads, some people took jobs with newspaper companies which made a habit of running paid-for editorial, the management of which forbad the topic of truth.

On the other hand, I was trying to get my rice crispy treat back.

As the national archives are now filled with little more than outright lies, some might suggest that the truth of the last forty years is lost. But there are other sources. When reading someone's personal record of their experience we naturally remain alert to his or her political affiliations; those who claim to be perfectly balanced are the most dangerous. More so those who claim to be able to read records that to others are little else than technical jargon.

I cannot pinpoint the moment that RFCs became precious little more than technical jargon. Fortunately by living in a country which must remain a one-party state for the forseeable future the way I lean only refers to that which comes before putting the seat down. The advantage of having little that can lean is that most of the time it must naturally be perfectly in the centre.

Unfortunately for my better well-being I took email as everything but a laughing matter: the protocol that was developed for it, RFC1730, which is the only one that can justify email being treated as legal communication, was developed by people who couldn't make up their minds about the most important character of a hierarchical namespace; nor were they comfortable with implicit roots.

I was known, for a time, as THE Hierarchical Namespace Man. But I found myself thinking about other kinds of trees that have little to do with computers. Raised by a perfectionist, I particularly enjoy the standards documents that not only contain impeccable English, but go straight to the heart seemingly without preamble.

Instead of weighing people down with the part of all formal documents that is usually at the end--the mention of people by name, and dates--I give you the part at the beginning, which the setters of the trend saw fit to make so compact that it did not need to have its own number.

But they seemed not to have the foresight to know that future protocols would be developed without reference implementations.

A reference implementation, or the process of creating one, will make it obvious what MUST be included, which includes values that are arbitrarily assigned. Everything that is not obvious by the reference implementation SHOULD be included. I propose that only a man who's been married for many years can know what MUST NOT be included; his wife MAY say, for example, this or that is not obvious to her.