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Yes, we would literally bring the roof down on our heads because of curiosity: that's part of why we are not Atlantis Deniers.

I need to find a sink when I say that second to last word of that last paragraph, and that's definitely not going to be one that dishes go into.

Noisy children suck eggs.

'Speak when you are spoken to' is a thing that children still aught to learn. This is because 'asking Dad' is just the wrong thing to do. That is because little minds are not prepared for the explanation.

Falling asleep while you're receiving the answer you most desire is a punishable offence.

But people go on being born who won't be punished for that, their life long. That has something to do with the power they have over the limbs of others.

Ribaldry itself needs a master.

Following through with seeking out something like an earth wire, my interpretation of enigmatic people is something which recalls me to multiple goals: getting interlocking right was one that had been made a priority for me, but that left me with nothing to do but spend my life getting drunk.

That really is the only litmus test for what a sysadmin builds for himself.

The test for true friendship is one who'll take you to the park when you've been sent home for smelling like a brewery.

But I'm not going to mention the other test that comes to mind with this. There is more than one thing that true friends won't do for each other.

Let me get this out the way before we start looking at how we pollute the environment on our way to and from the park.

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