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Whatever goes by the name restoration certainly wouldn't have intelligent men picking fruit. I wouldn't mind a job picking fruit, because I am half-moronic, but those people will say, 'no, you're taking our jobs.'

'Our children,' they'll go on to say, 'will be just as clever as yours.'

This does show craftiness of the first order, but what do you do when you find yourself in what's a mind game?

My personal response is not very interesting, because all I'm doing presently is looking for a flag, 'all clear' - for a flag we go to the smallest unit; if you'd like crash course on what's machine code, we might discuss instruction decoding.

If you're not looking for a casual description of what aught to make us billionaires, we know that whatever that unit is, it will be such that we may consider it as either zero or non-zero.

The term zero, here, is usage; 'jumping' is another term that jumps at us with 'zero,' relating to instructions.


That is such a novel idea, isn't it? It's so novel, we should just keep on doing that: after ten years or so, we'll have hundreds of different languages.

The words I was using, when I first said this, needed to be adjusted for a Robust Hindsight Vision.

And some of us did think that the first language had stagnated.

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