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We found that we were not going to impress anyone by talking about GNU. Joe-bloggs-burgers are very practical people. For instance, it is better for there to be only one financial book keeping app. Only businesses which intend to cook their books would use anything else.

But before we talk about the value of an app which requires us to enter each record twice, in case we make an error, and thus put ourselves at odds with what is considered an intuitive user interface, we simply note that by choosing one financial book keeping app we know that businesses may rest easy that they are doing everything they need to do to combat corruption; which allows us to get a good night's sleep, too.

The coldest hour, which results from the sun not shining for the longest time (which is obvious except when we haven't been able to get past the eighth, ninth, and tenth words of the sentence on account of the phrase being technically incorrect without qualification, but the qualification would only serve to demonstrate that we know where we are in relation to the sun, which is an awkward qualification (knowing where English is in relation to Science, we find that some qualifications which are necessary are necessarily awkward)), might remind us of the things which replaced floppies simply because we had seen those things used in experiments which amounted to the contemplation of where the sun shines from, hypothetically speaking.

Noting that we put Science after English in the preceding (even though it was only in brackets, we still consider it valid to say this), we might think of what comes when we put Science before English (which we've now done twice it seems). How do we think about a language without using words?

We might consider trees and things which do allow loops; but if we showed our picture to most people they'd just think about a funfair.

For any Science there are people called Experts. However I don't know if those who work on electronic circuits and programming languages see eye-to-eye with Language Experts. But we know that English has been influenced by those who insist that Language is a Science, and thus we'll call this English, which can be checked by machine, Meta-Science.

People who are visual are likely to look at what has been done with computers, in the way of creating illusions, and think that here lies evidence that Scientists have just about defined life itself. Which we would contravert, but we're just about sure that we aughtn't.

Just about now we'd ask you to talk to a programmer who has worked on those illusions.

At present I must charge to talk about any code I've produced, which discussion must be preceded by a decision as to my hourly fee for a sense of mirth. As to choosing a time and place, I am working my way towards producing the tools that will be needed to produce the apps which will allow us to reach that decision.

In the meantime you might find a programmer who specializes in visual effects so as to work on the ambience for the meeting. But just mind that he takes into consideration the difficulty of copying a simulated scene that makes liberal use of dark.

To my mind, a raytracer is not a complicated thing. The difficulty is in creating the scene. There doesn't seem to be any better way of producing a raytracer than by making liberal use of floats; in fact, these structures are likely to be as common as sand in any scene description that isn't just of a beach.

A great big supercomputer running off geothermal energy might just allow us to walk through a scene, which could convince anyone who isn't particularly paying attention, as of our daily struggle between one gui and another.

Naturally the code would be GPL.

But now people might be getting the idea that putting the feet on the sand comes free in a free country. But a free country doesn't come for free.

Keeping it free is what GPL is about; but that is for something with spare capital or an easy income to put themselves into.

All business like. And a stiff upper-lip; which is to say, a cynical outlook is only to be shared by mutual agreement.

I've forgotten the enjoyment of travel, and I'm trying to forget about the enjoyment of beer; and my patriotic insertions are giving me a lot of editing to do.

It's worth noting, however, that in South Africa boys have generally been discouraged from heading in the direction of rural towns on their motorbikes; naturally I exclude the boys already there. But I found the vibes of a rural town suited me just right. Standing in a rural town, I did wonder why I'm required to spend so much money on four walls and a ceiling.

A friendly boy, who firstly told me that his girlfriend worked in a hospital, with which information I gathered that he wasn't strictly a boy, after asking me the usual things told me that the letters on the badge on my bike stood for Be My Wife.

But I figured that has to do with cars which demonstrate annual salaries reaching seven figures.

Riding doesn't compare to driving at all; but I don't believe it takes a sportsman's balls to ride. I do know it does not take balls at all to go on a funfair ride.

On a funfair ride one learns how undergarments feel in a washing machine. And how bottles feel in a soft drink factory. Some spoilsports might declare, therefore, that a funfair ride is a waste of money. We know this is not true at all.

But the ride operators! Boy do they play games when they realize that you've worked out the best position!

Some people considered nightclubs wholesome establishments in comparison to, say, places where fish are kept in tanks and skinned in front of the customer. Which is called the morality of not paying for things which other people get for free. Which we tried on for size, but we were expected to be jealous of blondes when we can hardly call ourselves a brunette.

There are nightclubs and nightclubs, as there are pubs and coffee-shops and taverns, and in joe-bloggs-burg one only finds out after becoming a regular which one you've thus started propping up with your spare cash.

Having been shouted down at a coffee-shop-tavern for speaking sternly to a twenty-year-old blonde who seemed bright but for a few misguided ideas, I came to think that I was being expected to be a normal guy and take in the view for later contemplation.

When I take in scenery for later contemplation I like to ensure it's a full day's ride so that when I do rest my head it's no effort on the part of my senses to overcome me. But there is such a thing as taking things too far.

For instance, when you go for a ride in a funfair--which is about getting a quick fill of scenery--during one of the days the place is open but empty (for example, if people are getting injected with a virus and then getting tested to see if the person holding the blunt end knew what they were doing), you might, in your exuberance at being in the front of the queue and therefore being at liberty to pick the choicest position, forget that you have a drink in hand; if your exuberance amounts to childish delight you might cast up your limbs and throw them out (and spill your drink) while the operator for the day is yet arranging their attire. The operator thus looking to you for your next move, you might think it better just to get off quick and leave without looking back.

Wouldn't it be nice if I could be nice for a change?

I hope you enjoyed the ride.

Bye bye.