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Numerology is as old as numbers: which gets some people looking for Babylon, some people looking for a harp (portable or otherwise), and some people chuckling at the word overcountable, for having looked into the eye of the singularity. Singularities are worth thinking about, but they require twenty-twenty vision; which makes them unfair on those of us who must make do with defects--however slight. If we're bored of what this leaves us to contemplate, we might think of playing a game: that is, if our chores get us stuck on problems such as our predeliction to ascribe comparative adjectives to quantities, without a reference. Though we build up a mountain of work by doing so, the alternative is to get nicely drunk.

Being called by my mother's name, I find myself asking if ignorance is the only perfect bliss. Certainly reality seems--to me--to be its perfect complement. An example of reality is being required to get into a line. An example of melodrama is what ensues when someone is required to get back in the line for a technical reason: that is, the system hardly needs to record that such has happened to an individual. But the system, for technical reasons, might place melodramatic characters into the line who swear at everyone because they're not calling it a queue.

What happened to the good old days of opium for the masses?

Inside information that is public might seem insane, but that's only if you lose count. And one of us is already quite decidedly insane; and it seems hardly fair that I must ask you to guess.