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They get us in the end, and tell us that we're just like them. Entertainment for the most common type of person who seeks to be entertained feeds on those who, not having risked rejection, return to the hobbies of their boyhood. Mathematics is another kind of hobby which in a perfect world I might have avoided. Perfection has various forms. Name clashes are unavoidable; perhaps I've been mistaken about the uselessness of being patient.

On the assumption that a frame is the same thing as a context--in other words, a word used by a patient teacher--we choose to look at an egg instead, for our science is not that of atomizing organic matter (our cooking, neither). Simply thinking of the number of eggs we've eaten we come to the word overcountable. An egg-box gives us an example of a matrix which is useless as a matrix; and therefore a perfect description of what being practical with a scripting language is about. Some might therefore understand why we find ourselves in a straight-jacket when we're being told to call an html div a row, though the code must yet do the work of grouping the cells.

Sitting in my cell, I imagine alligators and crocodiles and wonder which one is the bigger. The last fifty years has proven that errors in a document must either be automatically fixed or ignored; or we may simply refer to didacticism (the avoidance of which leads to code without any documentation).

If all the cells are empty, then the ward is empty, as is the asylum. Designers of user interfaces for apps need to cater for this case, but those who like to talk to themselves don't build an asylum unless they are willing to do so patiently, from the inside. Thus they get to issue instructions about how the cells are to be filled.

Thus we preload a patient at whatever stands for <asylum>. When a cell is full, we're left with the decision as to whether the cell packer must check for more patients, or if that must be left to the ward overseer. Thus we look at a final cell that isn't empty, for in this case there is no decision to be made: the unfortunate news must be conveyed up the chain of authority that we've run out of people who didn't know or care how to act normal.

Dammit! Sanity has returned!