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Now I need to pretend that I'm typing with sticks. It's important to be laid back in almost all circumstances; which brings us to what is repetitive, literally.

And I will have to be literally repetitive.

And the first thing I take note of is what I am wearing.

Why do I do that? Will you ask me, and then start pummelling me with misinformation about what I aught to expect to find elsewhere?

Should I change what I'm wearing? Well, it doesn't seem to make any sense, now.

Once we've gotten rid of all the temps, we might start thinking about whether the keyboard is all that important, or if it is what we may purchase to surprise Santa fucking Claus. If temps are still being used in the chain of tools, who is going to make a tool for the allowing of the cleaning up of what temp-producing tools scatter far and wide?

Did you just say that such tools already exist? Maybe I should get my hearing checked?

It's kind of senseless to talk about 'repeat rate' in this condition, isn't it?

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