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I'll go on overdoing it, thank you. I don't want a substitute meal, so that puts me forward a couple of hours. The 'colour thing' has, in my opinion, absofuckinglutely everything to do with food.

Giving a sketch in black-and-white, we come to think that there are well-satiated folk, which reminds me of chrome paint, things that were tediously fixed with metal and glue, and other things which just call for attention, which didn't seem to know why they did so, and which seemed to have the assurance that time being money can be slipped out of with something like Nostalgia.

Right, so who's got my time, and whose time am I taking?

An unsightly mess, though tedious to refer to as such on a regular basis, is what we do well to refer to on a regular basis, when we find that tracing leaves people staring, until they notice themselves in a bemused attitude, which, though not one to be broken by a 'come on' from the self, is one that gets them reaching for something that gets me retching.

But now, 'but now,' pre-inserts itself which is a self-invoked alternative to what was previous quoted, which is to forget about satiation, and think about the stock taking.

This is part of it. I've got only a handful of 'stock' - and the division of 'taking a step' has been dealt with if I can only fucking read.

So, with a bit of shame, and the haste that comes with that, I'll give this to you as what comes of a final cup of coffee before tea, along with a warning to myself not to 'just quickly' do anything once having made a tediously chosen decisive step.

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