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Referred emotion needs to be dealt with. It's all very well to isolate a feeling as one that comes from without, and it certainly is possible to tell people to do any living thing other than sharing news when we've got our own occupations and pre-occupations, thank you very much, and oil is going to keep flowing, whether regulated or unregulated, so that oil barons will keep their harems and their cars which make up for a lack of a super anywhere else.

But I'm just jealous: submissive wives have become all the rage, haven't they?

Thinking of wives who might think a free market for all commodities better than what we have, brings me to contemplate the beauty of diamonds.

Men are supposed not to enjoy diamonds for their own sake. Articles of manufacture that can show colours from the top of the range to the bottom remind me of a famously erroneous physicist who looked at the prismatic effect. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm sure he asked his science teacher to lend him a prism, but I do find it necessary to caution against erroneous conclusions being drawn that England can take the credit for the idea of cutting and polishing diamonds.

There were definitely those who decided to make up a history that excluded the bible: this is where the word Caucasian comes from.

To even begin to understand history takes a language expert; and we do call it our mother tongue, so break-away movements seem, to me, to be a woman's business.

Some might prefer to think that Roman Civilization didn't collapse, and that the countries on the continent can trace their origin to various provinces of Rome.

Rome has its origin in the Trojan Wars; how these relate to the bible is perplexing, but no less perplexing than Atlantis. Of course, the bible doesn't name what came before the flood. It can become a habit to people who are not particularly happy with what's around them to harp on days that are past. It did become a habit of mine to contemplate the flood with an open mind. But I received unsatisfactory information from those who seemed to know everything about it. Sometimes you really end up wishing you didn't ask a question.

But curiosity is something we can't turn off; in fact, it would seem that by the curious contemplation of Atlantis, those who are most curious are sent to the dungeons. We live in a global culture which goes by various names. Yesterday the global village was a good thing. But yesterday's global village was supposedly due to the internet, and it actually succeeding the global village which telegrams created.

And instead of looking at this time of peace, my obsessive curiosity was about who put up the most ancient erections: I thought I knew enough about my own kind.

The terms, Saxon and Celt, seem to be a convenient way of ignoring the history of religious reformation; if not thoroughly united before, they must surely have been irrevocably mixed together in fighting the Norman invasion.

But no matter: I am a mongrel.

It's difficult to imagine a scenario where people reaching manhood look on every other such person with nothing but distrust and hatred. But in my heart I believe it to be possible, and adding a few guesses think that they would form themselves into cliques: this referring to the continent after the fall of Rome.

As strong as girls and women and everything between can be on the occasion, we assume that they would have no option but to choose a clique. We mention that it would be luck of the draw as to whether girls were safe within their own cliques, simply for the sake of those who draw rosy pictures of ancient times.

We thus come to contemplate groups of people from a few to a great many, in which we have the rough and the smooth, or the flesh and the spirit.

It seems likely that Constantine made an unholy compromise of Christianity and Paganism merely to maintain law and order. It seems very likely that Christianity at the time, besides that on our island, was mostly just represented by isolated monasteries.

This is all assuming that people reaching the age of manhood take to cutting each other down instead of supporting each other, for which I cannot provide a respectable example; thus it has taken me many years of isolated thinking to come to these possibilities.

After researching some more recent events which have definite ties with our ancestry I came to consider that within each clique the spirit would do its best to keep the flesh free of bloodlust; to keep the rough edges smooth.

But rough or smooth we think that few could rest without having their conscience churning them.

By making arbitrary rules the spirit might, for a time, justify the means by which it patches up the group when rifts form.

Those who couldn't attach themselves to a clique, or had been expelled from one, would have been unlikely to have had much rest. And thus the stories that the more adventurous sent back about the island across the channel might well have seen the channel being swum in those ancient days.

And thus we come to the supposed scenario of a Christian Druid, or Ancient Celt, facing a Ancient Saxon; for which our imagination fails us.