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In the days we might have thought we were fighting for perfection, we came across a language theory problem that had supposedly been solved by linguisticians--who have a name for every word and combination of words. Getting out of bed in spite of having nothing to fight for, problems that others have decided are a thing of the past might come back to us and disturb our comfortable numbness: this can have the effect of disturbing peaceable relationships between us and those who seldom disagree with what we have to say.

Some things people don't like to think about, no matter that not thinking about them requires the making of distinctions of things like existence: that word is enough to define adulthood for those who recall the levity of their late youth. The analysis of what goes to give our lives two parts follows on the acceptance of adulthood as something apart from age. I truly did incriminate myself on this matter, though there were only two to hear. That the one is now dead, is something my intolerance of blame, and my giving up of independence after making such assertions of the joys of it I couldn't hope to live down, prevents me from ascertaining.

In my days of hedonistic independence, then, I spent much time trying to recall the earliest details of my life. A ditty often came to mind, suggesting prevarication on the matter, 'I shan't forget the day that I was born.' I found that what I had been told by others interfered with my memories, as did photographs. No doubt there were other matters which also made the task less than an objective one: claiming to remember standing for the first time, for instance, we might be expected to remember the color of our clothing for it to be believed, as our preferences are held dearly by those who love us. No matter: some twenty-five years later I was in the vicinity, on two wheels instead.

Churning up the dirt is the kind of fun that gets us to do it for no reason. This possibly suggesting a natural class division, I simply note that the abstraction that the word, do, gives us is undermined by its questionable attachment to reversion. Though we like to think of our toys as doing something other than making a noise, it may so be that we prefer to refer to their abstract behaviour in comparison to what is said.

The noisy politics of noisy toys is not interesting to me: I trust a mother's love.