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Scatter-brained! That's what we are! Except when making boxes from junk or doing this.

A meaningful change is that of moving things out of the way: so I'll 'get up' 'in a minute'--please excuse all these pegs, but I did make a box from new pegs once, and though it was a school activity, my conscience yet pricks me about the net waste these thirty two years later--but an easy change usually calls us to follow up like with concludatory matter for a commit.

'For men with nerves of steel: our turbocharged flight.'

That has to go in somewhere, because CFI had its introduction 'somewhere,' and see if I let 'the Japs' get me to help them with their problems with taking credit for things brand new under the sun.

I got good advice from a bike shop for my first 'big bike' (over two hundred or so). That met its demise in a way which experts with digital cameras were able to ascertain after the fact with much more accuracy than the rider. The same shop just happened to have a bike the name of which was printed in my mind by a printer I have not been able to find: that was about four years later. Now, that bike I'll be talking about forty years from now. I think I did justice to it.

A word came to me about a couple of these bikes having been ridden down through Africa, so it may be she had already earned her right to rest in the living-room. A parallel twin, no more than eight-hundred, is already twice 'too much' for what'll get you through all the countries of the world.

But 'they' from the East know what models not to bother 'us' with.

'I don't like bikes' came from a girl my age at a nightclub that was 'music oriented.'

And then they told us it deteriorated.


The same applies here, so here you go: throw it in the gutter.

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