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A model child is one we want to make copies of: belly-buttons do get us thinking about time in a way that few would even jokingly call scientific. And it's a matter of recursion--by which I mean induction, and not something that runs out of memory and crashes.

Running out of memory and crashing is an adequate description of what might happen to a boy with limited memory, but we generally find belly-buttons all over the place. It may so be that you're required to look over someone's shoulder, which person has made sure you know they have such a feature, repeating the following: 'move the pointer with the joystick-mouse to the word ok. The pointer cursor will not change: this is a bug because we have to accept that missing features are called bugs. At your leisure, depress the joystick button until it clicks; or, at your option, simply click it (only gamers click with their thumb).'

The hacker culture is the culture of Suburbia.

An algebraic tree gets a mathematician going. Algebraic evaluation amounts to a depth-first search. Literals and operators only differ on the matter of children. Functions are also operators, but they may have any whole number of children.

Being able to choose how many children you have sounds like an ideal society. Function calls, however, if they are to behave like mathematical functions, always have the same number of parameters. If they are not to behave like mathematical functions, what are we fiddling with algebra for?

We then come to the matter of vectors, because a parameter list is such a thing. But we have not yet looked at evaluation, and we do know that if the results we get from Complex theory are correct, we will get the same results if we dispense with vectors altogether.

For a vector is just an imagined thing.

A person, who is not world-famous, looked at algebraic evaluation, which relies on at most as many registers as there are operator-literal-functions, and determined the minimum number of registers that evaluation requires. This is one form of optimization that, at the time of its discovery, would have saved much money. But it was done as a thesis, so that, while it procured Gary Kildall a sinecure, meant it was freely available for all to use.

Some people have bad luck with hardware. This unknown then went on to work on what is known as a BIOS in order for Microcomputer hobbyists not to have to know all the details of the disk drives that various other unknown electronic enthusiasts were putting together.

I believe the children are our future.

America is most often introduced when people are talking about political problems. If a problem is unsolveable we need to be able to prove that this is the case, or we really are just idiots talking about days to come in which fish fly. Those of us whose skills invest us irrevocably in a future in which computers continue to play a part must hear about Silicon Valley. Knowing that it is a colloquial expression for a time and a place we start with a circle. It needn't be perfect, but we'd prefer not to have to talk about a plane.

Is a multi-cultural country a hopeless idea?

I leave the term script for when we're too lazy to decide if something is code or data.