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So, I should find a focus?


Am I going to be 'at fault' for missing a beat?

Let me think about this before I pour the next coffee. The noise about carries me into questions of State.

I do not know if the noise comes from church-goers: I do not give a rat's fucking arse.

Noise from others is always like the scurrying of animals. Scenes of beaches we've now demonstrated were an insult to those who sang, 'I can't dance.'

This invoking, 'self-effacing,' we look for an invoker to interrogate.

Leaving that in the question of what is and what is not, I tell myself, 'just get that fucking coffee!'

Everyone knows the story of 'sick notes.'

Don't ask me why this invokes 'ubuntu,' but do ask yourself how anyone could've been so fucking thick not to see a rape happening in front of their fucking eyes.

Should I, the master of Init, have taken a stand for my country?

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