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My grammatical grandmother, who never stopped looking at me as a six-year-old, showed me that a politically aware mother is likely to warn a boy about what happens if he forgets that a child is a burden on the state, and then go on to tell him that we cannot say any child is a mistake, for every child has equal rights to the support of the state.

If mathematicians get credit for music itself, then they might accept the responsibility of the shapes in which children are born, called states. As a mathematician I claim these shapes are the most important aspect of cartography.

I became quite attached to the borders I was born within: when you find yourself in another country, your own history can seem insignificant to irrelevance. You might imagine someone leading the same life you did, but without the unfortunate circumstances. And then there's the matter of precedence: someone who decides to leave the old border can become attached to the reasons they did so.

I'm not good at making plans; I'm worse at keeping a house. The important thing about a home is that the borders keep themselves: outside of my home I'm a vagabond.

Fortunately I know people who are expert at making plans (and another who knows I'd become a vagabond if the planners weren't left in the lurch).

Which might explain why I say that leaving the future to take care of itself doesn't help us choose between moth-eaten t-shirts, one of which was definitely given to someone with the idea of his changing his borders.

Part of my resistance to the idea of my doing so is the fact that people still live in ignorance of the reasons, which are free of racial blame, that, for example, an intelligent woman would see the only future for herself in this country as a serving wench.

In my generation, at least, there's far too much intellectual pride for the occupation of being a housewife to be considered legitimate.

And once you've had banter which involves jokes about knowing everything about how a stove works, but not knowing how to work it, which jokes go back at least a generation, you must either hope for a wife who is simplicity itself, or start thinking about a more practical home for a bachelor.

Which I think just might give a clearer picture to those who've made suggestions as to what I aught to do with my future.

[if] a then b = 1 - ( a * ( 1 - b ) )

[b] has to do with changing my borders. The first lesson about coding is about writing algebraic statements for English ones. Naturally a search engine's job is to do this automatically (there are workarounds for this irksome fact).

Logically speaking I aught to be able to find a job as a teacher rewarding, if I could choose the right subject (and, for example, the right language if the subject was coding and programming). But the thought of it was a mental block to me.

Education is all in all. I've always believed this. I still have personal coding challenges, but the fact that the mental block disappeared means that every day I'm putting them off. Well, I guess there's no harm in polishing what I've given for 'a search engine' to crunch on, the while.