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The counting of things is exactly what we'll start at. As we have to push what tries to compromise, the while, I'll just go on repeating bits and pieces of a life spent trying to keep things from falling to pieces called bits.

The 'going the other way' is quite evident from the very fucking beginning.

But I'm coming to a sad end. I'm going to be going to bed on an empty stomach. It can't be helped. I forget what's 'well.'

And then, when it's a click of the fingers as just what's needed, I look back at the path of destruction I've left behind me.

Fucking eat it!

The 'repeat' has meaning I'll have to count, while looking for unique words for each, but I note one that, for now, is the most important.

This has been why we came up with what to refer to what includes [:&*]. Self-defining has a gravitational pull. Resist it with your life.

The Repeat, as we must allow a Goal to be empty, gets us looking at a no-no. Then we say, well, what about the repeat, itself?

As we are counting a number, the 'return,' which we'll call 'state,' has no reason not to be whatever you call that number.

What number? Who's making excuses?

Call this an apology.

• 1.51472/9