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Career-mindedness is a thing of the past; the small business is therefore ideal.

Semis, in South Africa, cover the full spectrum (they're usually called essemies, but unlike America we have yet to make use of the prefix semi as a noun). A semi might, for an example of one end of the range, be a lean-to in a township which people go to for their coloured popcorn. Or it might be a business that talks big about dealing with the waste problem, because we know our sovereignty has been undermined but that doesn't sit with our consciences. Or it might be a business that was set up in the dim distant days when electronics hobbyists existed outside of Japan.

But in the dim distant days I had my own Semi those were already dim distant days. Friends of mine, at that time, liked to make things which required the use of electronics components soldered together in a circuit. But they, knowing who I am, wouldn't label themselves electronics hobbyists. I take a liberty: I haven't heard from them except in passing. We were expected to see clear distinctions between a hobbyist and an enthusiast and a designer and an engineer. For the record, whenever I picture a digraph the nodes all look away from the transistor. And anyway, the only interest I'd have in making a circuit is to make use of relational database routines.

The problem with my career-minded approach started when I setup a search engine as a way to lose myself in my job. The last thing we want to do is look at the structure of a sentence, or of a word; except in terms of constructing them, that is. And the last thing I want to look at are compression routines.

Once you have a working product, which might include a sketch of a story, you'll receive suggestions which have no reference to the effort you have yet put in, or have yet to put in.

"Why don't you make it so that Phillip Pirrip marries the elder Miss Haversham, seeing as Estella now has a child?"

If one book kept me career-minded, it is the one with the title that got repurposed to suit single mothers.

If there's any group of people who don't need to be told that life is a piece of shit, it is those mothers who have to raise their children by themselves. But there are also men who are not given the chance to raise their own sons and daughters, whose only fault was picking the wrong girl to marry. Divorce is also a club, so it can lead people to think that those who sought attention got the misery they were asking for. But we have not the church to perform its duties of keeping the dirty laundry from the public while ensuring that vows were in fact broken.

Can it be possible that a rule be broken with no other cause than the desire to break rules?

Or is it a matter of people just not knowing when they're playing a game?