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You can't fuck intelligence.

This is the kind of thing one would expect to hear at a tavern which thinks it is a respectable pub. I must leave behind the readers who refuse to believe that there's a difference between equality and comparison. I don't intend to make my problems your problems, and I've found that some men you just can't reach.

For example, when referring to a man in the abstract, it is plain fucking obvious that this includes women unless the reference precludes it.

I make no comment on the referring to a woman in the abstract. I don't believe women are my intellectual inferiors.

If someone has been wound up to fall into another's lap and then explode about it, we can but pity them. More so if the falling was a demonstration of their free will.

In summary, some people tell us to prove things which are impossible to prove before they'll listen to us.

Rewinding a few decades, were I to write a letter to someone, I would make sure to capitalize their name because I know people are sensitive to the importance that capital letters imply.


Before I suggest such an apology to an overcommunicative wife has effaced the meaning of the three words used in the apology to the degree that only young boys will volunteer the information I return to the matter of how we are communicating.

Capital letters are mostly employed as a matter of artistic licence. Thus some people might say A=a (for all values of A and a); these will insist that the parenthesis is redundant because the preceding argument shows that it is obvious.

But we've also proved the converse.

Microcomputers are case insensitive, in part, for precisely the same reason telegrams were: the elimination of redundancy.

We must leave user-facing case sensitivity problems to the users who must face them, and return to the thought of people who are willing to pass on information if they are able to deem that it is true.

Coding is a new form of mental preoccupation. People who travel the world expressly to touch erections and call them the oldest might beg to differ. But finding that some are learning sensibility to know when enough is enough, I feel less inclined to keep my pike ready for intruders to my meditations; I used to love personal discussion above all else.

Part of the reason I became so sensitive to mental intrusion is that I don't know when the coding preoccupation will hit me.

All-purpose Language-neutral Incredible Coding Experience

A coding language would be language neutral were it to avoid reserved words. As this would require us to find a symbol for IF, I would aim to keep the number of reserved words to half a dozen or so. I would also aim to keep the language to myself so as not to muddy the progress being made on getting people to use good coding languages.

Assessing whether a coding language is good or not is something that requires more experience than I had at age twenty-one, for example.

Without a doubt it's less of a chore to get something done with one than in C, for example. Specifically when the something can also be done without a computer, without too much effort, and code organization is not something that can be taught, as things stand. Thus I can't help thinking about a coding language that might double up as a command shell.

Were this merely a matter of choosing one, I would come back to the question that this webdoc was created to ask: however they came about, case insensitive coding languages are a trend that any new language must consider for adoption.

It might be possible to make a language in which this is optional; but copying between routines would then be made less reliable than such an unreliable way of coding already is. In terms of the difference between comparison and equality, only case sensitive languages follow that of numeric equality.

Which seems to decide it.

Now to get someone with sensibility to check my correctness, whatever they might think about my bad Old English.