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Well, do I wait for a return to being 'out,' looking at what is a model that gets great attention, or do I push myself into the centre, and say, 'behold a transformation'?

That doesn't really get us anywhere. Neither does it get us anywhere by continuing to use what are colours used to teach children basic distinctions for the chromatic fundamentals.

The ordering, RGB, I place here for believers to contemplate.

That's something 'Brian forgot' in his cynical despair. Using my tools is my aim: but at present they're too rough to use everywhere.

I hesitate before starting a new 'test' - in fact, that's more than hesitation: I put my foot down so long as I have a handful of tools I can't use everywhere.

A recursive 'thing,' which we prefer not to call by the name we use--we really did start with some wacky combinations of letters--might just be called, recursive. But I'm forgetting to hold onto the beginning, which makes these things rather more time consuming than they could be. And now I find I will be doing whatever I do with dead weight.

And so I will have to give this to avid consumers of news before I try to do something which leads me away from being patient.

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