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It's a bit late in the day to be recalling iron-clads; but as cleaning is what is meant when we say, 'make clean,' and this bears no reference to 'before' and 'after,' that the shipyard was a matter of national defence meets the acknowledgement from the bits of me that are recessive of the leaving off of being patient.

Bits in a shipyard will include things far more dangerous than any animal: 'is that item up to date,' is unlikely to be a question that is heard.

But consider that what you're using is a hundred times faster (on the only thing that can be measured without introducing Experience) than what only the wealthiest companies could afford (which meant it was their duty to the state to screw it all out of the 'whizz kids').

And so we now have the luxury of being more realistic about our shipyards. Some things seem obsolete when you're able to have fifty or a hundred invocations of what's fully configurable. And certain it is that as long as it is fast enough for you, anything else is a waste of time.

Conventions for shipyards, however, cannot be overlooked. No-one's going to forget about the configure that takes care of endianness, bitness, and all the other things which are obsolete unless we're a total-domination-denier.

Did I offend your Pi?

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