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It's insurance, right? But how does this fit with 'God helping those who help themselves'?

The term, medical insurance, was applied to what was ineffective. If you are taken to hospital against your will, you will be discharged as a bankrupt. And this is all to maintain the 'system' which is about awarding those who qualify, with job security.

But your medical aid doesn't cover fucking bandages.

This I must put to one side, because I'm not going to place myself at risk of becoming a bankrupt due to someone else's negligence or greed. Not while this will involve others. The problem is simple for the government to deal with, but it will meet with a rebellion, and this will be stirred into the most ridiculous exclamations of outrage by the most fucking ignorant.

Adding that to 'now's the time to call me a fucking racist,' I find that now really isn't the time to try to think about 'getting anywhere.'

Backing away from a tail is about all I've managed to describe. I'm afraid I can hold no-one up to the light who recognized the source of a problem, with all the intelligence we like to credit what becomes a mother: were I able to I would say, 'ask her about God.'

As things are, then, we're waiting for our bank account to start growing by magic.

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