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Before I came to restarting this site from a recipe for a cake, which came about because I started to regret having a website at all, for being drawn to recall that I was not what anyone would call happy at the time I got the recipe, or for the fact that this is all it seemed I would get, from the person who gave it to me, I was not what one would call quite in my right mind: for allowing the thought of computers which behave as if possessed, for example; which people who believe in keeping things going by trying every means possible are required to deal with because the owner (which ordinarily we would say is the possessor) knows that they simply need to threaten the sparing person with the suggestion that it isn't a big deal to buy a new one, after which the broken item would belong to the repairman, who will thus find himself looking at a curse (I've already got one, thanks).

Before I make another superlatively thin attempt at appearing to attempt to stop myself from saying something after I've said it, I repel the curse of mixing up our mother tongue with distinctions that don't exist, simply by owning it as a curse, and ask if anyone is surprised that with this restarted website I had to give up on mathematics?

Coming, therefore, to thinking of describing the singularity over a slice of yoghurt cake that was sold per slice, I found I only lacked someone to tell.

In order to understand maths you have to be able to doubt it.

I'm pretty sure anyone who saw my previous attempts here thought I was just cribbing what others have written, to make myself look clever. And I understand that some people really don't like Complex theory. And I myself have little use for it now.

In mathematics the idea of a number being big is as ridiculous as not telling children that nought can't be on the denominator. Singular programmers, however, know when a number is big enough. Run-of-the-mill programmers are irked by the thought of checksums, and publish wild scenarios in which they might fail mankind.

One of which made me quite dizzy after I had tried to kill the world with it.