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Let's talk about sex; but let's start with race. A race, that may or may not have been all-inclusive, was certainly exclusive, for it being a women's race. So we are talking about sex; but those who most enjoy to gossip would prefer us to use another word, for their descriptions of the most sensitive thing in the world would fall on deaf ears if we kept having to refer to the removing of clothes as the first step of finding out if we had a fucking clue what we were doing.

The first step, in a retrospective, is to recall yourself to perfect sense. This may have us comparing the ringing in our ears to the bustle outside. Incongruously we go from this to the matter of local music.

Quite as a matter of fact, those of us who had been fiercely patriotic, did not have it in our heads that we aught to be manufacturing anything but artists. If a local magazine publishes questionable pictures, we question the magazine. But a patriotic child knows that he was on his way to finding his bedroom intolerable.

Giving people the benefit of the doubt is the problem here: when you do that, your recollection of special marathons will go unnoticed, and your fellow citizens will ask you what the fuck you're still doing here.

As it seems I need to teach you how to think, then, I'll leave you with a racial distinction that none care to call one, and ask you if you think I aught to be slanging my way into the favours of what is clearly not me?

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