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I need to wipe the slate clean. Thinking about object creators we must think about space which has no dimension for the lack of a unit.

'There must be another logical explanation!'

Mathematically we may reduce dimension with recursion, called induction. History gives us little relief, on account of us being forewarned that Historic Figures aren't always quite sure of their senses. As an example I refer to one who, though he recalled having swum under water, and that he had had his own equipment for doing so, his powers of recollection went through a shock, after which the memory was of a thing in a body of water (but he could remember the feeling of the rubber).

'Think about how the grass feels under your feet,' he wrote. 'I know I'm not out of my senses now, because I can imagine it. But the thought leads me to a time I must have been. And it leads me to further conclusions about those who draw conclusions before they come again to be capable of enjoying the feeling of grass under their feet.' The rest of his thoughts can be found where they are written.

It distresses me to know that a girl who had my heart gave herself to other men, produced a child, and may or may not be leading the father or another man to take up the customary role of a father, presently. It leaves me with not a leg to stand on in my former support of my mother's principles. It puts me behind-hand, with no way of catching up--such is what comes with age--with those who either rebelled from their parents or otherwise hadn't been taught to take their time--in other words, those who believe that he who hesitates is lost.

It means that I am a rotten egg. The conclusion is logical. If there is any other way of thinking, please note that I don't believe in being pampered without a contract that makes that my right to expect.