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As a precursor to finding myself directionless I had been putting my mind into past centuries; before this I was trying to enjoy a world that just about everyone has been saying is just about to end: which is as easy as leaving the city under one's own steam. Returning back to an empty house on one occasion, however, I recalled a person who did the sensible thing with a revolver: I've been born into a life of hassle.

They say we shouldn't complain, but they also say--some of them--that doing the sensible thing with a revolver isn't doing the sensible thing. I don't disagree that suicide isn't the right thing to do: but those who commit suicide are made scapegoats by those who are sure that all behaviour is acceptable, and keep their mouths wide open for the sake of the freedom of expression. Before eating, however, they're sure to tell us that acceptability has boundaries, which gives them the opportunity of demonstrating exemplary behaviour as they get their teeth into something, which in truth prevents them from saying anything for a time, but which is yet referred to as dinner-table etiquette.

Safety in numbers: animals rule our lives.

Blame is difficult to assign for the allowing of shit-for-brains to take the reins: it's been a gradual process.

Everyone likes a clean house. The morality of the serving class was not something that was deemed fit for discussion in the land from whence we came. But if a culture isn't maintaining it's integrity, it becomes the provider of jobs. Then it is a simple matter to make the job of a serving wench one which justifies matriculation; and a serving wench only looks at a map to decide where next to plant her seed.

Thus a subcontinent was turned into a dump.

The way we get rid of things we don't want, is to pretend that the one hand doesn't know what the other one is doing. The turning of Southern Africa into a dump started many centuries ago, and the blame lies between greedy chiefs and private opportunists. The chiefs were corrupted into the selling of those who occupied the land that tribes kept for visitors.

But people are often unwilling to make fine distinctions: imposing a labour tax is a matter of taking away another person's freedom.

The biggest problem with the slave trade was the slave ships: most of those who were made slaves were but going from one condition of subservience to another.

Shall we continue to cast blame or are you about ready to listen to a fucking solution?

There were those who thought that South Africa aught to be a shining example: thus the eighteen-twenty settlers. There were those who knew that a bad trade could only be driven out by a good one (for instance, those whose belief in natural remedies got them to be remembered as a doctor), and those who followed naked chieftainesses through Africa with the knowledge that not one thing would posterity recall of them were their behaviour not more saintly than saints.

And there are those who continue to repudiate people who call other people animals, and continue to be shining examples; and continue to tell us about individuality.

But friendship can encircle a culture.

The Brotherhood of Man only works as a brotherhood of fathers with loving wives. And that's not my fucking problem.