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I have to admit I 'lost' the eye for perfection. But I was indeed 'one of those kids' who insisted on having all the tools.

So while I believe in the value of copyleft, my entry was certainly with the view that the goal is to catch up with the market leaders.

Now I must give myself a comma, for the sake of those whose last interest is philosophical problems, and who might or might not think that the end of the world is a natural consequence of rises and falls.

Certainly 'end of the world' suggests 'gamble.'

Unfortunately the only way to stop people placing bets is to draw scenarios that compete with the ideas of catastrophes that are 'quickly over with.'

The 'unidentified flying objects' that became acceptable devices 'only the other day' require us to say 'rubbish' or to look at our dreams. Being one who does 'multitask' when given an 'or,' I've had to come to terms with what 'world' means to me.

We do need to keep the purely theoretical facts 'in the wings' - but the nostrils are an origin, of sorts: getting a good look at what's an intriguing fact is as pleasant as a sneeze that doesn't leave you sniffing. But a droplet on the screen puts us off our lunch.

Then it's all about electronics wizardry, and what's flat, and what's such that you have to say 'flat' by working the stomach muscles.

As you have to be pretty old to get that one, the system jiffies are adding up to what the cmos clock must preserve while I hesitate: if it's worthy of a chortle, call yourself mine, be a good dear, and preserve it for my descendents, thereby?

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