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This is a bit of a balance.

In truth the biggest complaint during the Second President's terms was that of the telecommunication infrastructure. Exactly what to call it has been the biggest deal, tied with the knowledge that there was no mockery the 'first network operator' didn't deserve.

Managing the noise?

Exactly when to 'call it' on the matter of upgrade expenditure would've taken the most devoted citizens to the depths of ill health, in trying to give the right answer. But this didn't particularly interest me in the beginning, except on the matter of saying, 'well, there's that,' to those who insisted, on the lack of interest 'the kids' showed for a quality plank of wood, that by the next century we would be popping over to the neighbours for 'a modest proposal' about tomorrow's dinner.

That's all I'm saying.

Driving yourself to do something you want to do, simply because if you don't drive yourself you'll be waiting until it's an irresistible urge, which is made resistible by the knowledge that afterwards you'll be thinking that your urges are rather silly, seems rather silly, but it's not half as silly as those who try to lead their betters.

As such, I must tell you that this is prevarication.

The invention of concepts to go along with the days, has me taking note of weekly cycles which, however wasteful, are ignored to our detriment. The midweek binge, in my opinion, has much to do with this cycle.

I can't say I'm not proud of six weeks in which I was drunk every day at the same place. Finally a friend with 'the right contacts' managed to locate the one that put me off the 'social media of jpegs.'

The reaction that ensued is hard to explain. I'm not one to take to comparing people. The profile jpeg showed two people standing in each other's arms, which only my deliberate forgetfulness kept that from recalling to me two people lying in each other's arms as if friendship and sex (or gender) had nothing to do with each other.

So as not to enter into comparisons, then, let me close by saying that what did get recalled to me put paid to a good working relationship.

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