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Socialism is the idea of the eradication of money, when we cut the crap. Asking if the ends justify the means may not first have become an idiomatic rhetorical question upon emergence of socialism. First off, it's accepted by socialists that those who've worked for their money must be allowed to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Once we've put ourselves into a Universe of geometric coordinates, the needs of the stomach vanish from our thoughts. Transposition must only be talked about with a deprecating air: Cauchy-Riemann solves the problem of geometric transposition once and for all.

A mathematician represents the perfect role model for a child whose mother is encouraging to keep to the truth.

The learning of formulae, for some, is exactly how they became fathers.

By plugging in formulae and letting programmers worry about transposition, we can say to ourselves, 'behold a wondrous tool!'

'Are the aliens impressed, yet?'

The reason we shouldn't be looking for groups or individuals to take the blame for socialism is that we can't quite get rid of the idea that it is the principle of the commonwealth (also referred to as the third something or other).

If we adhere strictly to the truth we must take the blame for the Fall of Man. If we want to cozy ourselves up in our religion, we might find other things to call, The Fall.

To educators who are plugging in all feedback they receive, I highly recommend Boolean Algebra be taught in primary school. Of course, six year olds who could bash the key-buttons while wiggling the joystick-mouse, who demonstrated the effect of a wondrous tool, have by now, I gather, made use of a welfare-state so as to become fathers.

But it's alright, ma, I'm only sighing!