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South Africa is a country of Aryans and Non-Aryans. If you don't know what an Aryan is and you don't care to find out, then you know who you are to me.

My Norwegian grandmother was good to me: she warned me what happens when a boy let's his feelings grow for a girl, who then decides to make a fool of him. She did this very delicately, for this has been a delicate matter. It would've been no good had I asserted that I knew Granny's opinions on matters which amounted to little more than that the family get-togethers were miserable.

And this was due to shocking behaviour which Aryans can blame on Non-Aryans.

And once an Aryan casts a stone, they just keep on at it until they get broken windows.

For us grandchildren the result has been that all we may recall with happiness is a Christmas or two. The reason for the miserable get-togethers had very much to do with the conflict between Aryans and Non-Aryans. There are those who only know how to stir up jealousy in the heart of a man. And they just keep on at it, because there's nothing we can do to stop them.

The same grandmother believed that South Africa would only find peace when a new race had formed that was neither Aryan nor Non-Aryan. But this is presupposed on there being one Aryan race that is at peace.

Those who don't look at history books might think they've detected a lie.

The two foremost Aryan races fought it out over South African soil.

The causes do precede the discovery of gold: without national boundaries war cannot be declared; without a declaration of war we just have boys and girls rallying around a banner.

Have you ever heard of the South African Revolution?

Declarations of independence are worrying things because they might lead to a war. Borrowing from a neighbour, and promising to repay them in kind, if I don't feel like doing the chore right away, or right now, I might tell them I'll repay them just now.

But that has just passed.

We might easily imagine a language combined of the English and the Dutch, pronounced in a middling sort of way.

The rest must be left as an exercise for the reader; I can't handle the thought of a nation of drunken Aryans without beer.